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'PST Global', 'Pipeline Systems and Technologies' & 'MetriCorr' provide state-of-the-art solutions, services, and products within the field of industrial corrosion risk assessment, management and monitoring.

Our key competence is products and services related to external corrosion of buried metallic structures like pipelines, in particular, monitoring of corrosion related to AC induction and DC stray current corrosion.

Salient features of specialized systems that PST group has developed, manufacture and supply are:

Remote Monitoring and Control System

PST Group has developed the hardware and software to remotely monitor and control (for power supplies) multiple devices (Special multi-purpose test facilities and power supplies). The system can be tailored made to meet any requirement whilst using any available single or multiple mode of communication.

System is equipped with powerful and user-friendly software tool that has provision of generating different forms of reporting according to customer's requirements.
All report features can be entirely embedded in the WEB interface. Features like alarms send via SMS or Emails, as well as Google earth integration can be easily provided.

Corrosion Monitoring and Risk Assessment System

PST Group supplies equipment to monitor, analyze and control corrosion. Instruments for automated reading of Electrical Resistance probes, automated monitoring of Coupons, various types of corrosion coupons and software for routine monitoring as well as state of the art corrosion risk assessment is available. The instruments capture variations in the corrosion rate and correlate to the variations in external electrical parameters like AC and DC stray currents.

Coating Integrity Monitors

It is now possible to have a direct measure of the coating integrity as well as control & monitor directly the pipeline IR free potential through our monitors.

Multi-Purpose Test Facilities

PST Group has series of special multi-purpose test facilities depending on the application. Overall, these facilities are able to perform following functions:

  • Able to cater AC interference and induction.
  • Able to cater DC traction and stray current.
  • Able to integrate with remote monitoring system (log & transmit data).
  • To control and check the integrity of pipeline.
  • Able to measure corrosion rate.
  • Special reporting features (graphical and tabular form)

These Test Facilities are also called corrosion monitoring subsystem ensuring remote monitoring of cathodic protection parameters at the test stations at various sections of pipelines.

The subsystem allows:

  • Controlling corrosion situation at the points of installation simultaneously of up to 4 reference electrodes with auxiliary electrodes.
Moreover, have provision for monitoring:
  • Grounding current, drainage current, protective groups, etc. (up to 12 channels, up to 1,000 ?).
  • Current in the pipeline.
  • Pipeline ? protective cover resistance
  • Pipeline temperature, etc.

Overview of Corrosion Monitoring and Risk Assessment System